Looking for the best, thinnest iPhone 6s and 6s Plus case? We may have the answer to your long search for the ultimate protective case which adds only minimum bulk. BumperLicious series from More UK range of exclusive Apple cases, made for the iPhone.

BumperLicious cases are the thinnest bumper cases ever made for the iPhone 6 and 6s, along with the plus models. What really sets this case apart is not only the minimal 0.7mm bulk, its all around wrap with TPU silicone bumper that provides most-needed drop protection, with a small front lip that protects the screen on flat-surface unlike any other ultra thin cases and covers.

BumperLicious series also feature a built-in dust plug to keep the dust away, easy access to all buttons, charging slots and headphone port. You won't face any difficulties using any third party accessories such as chargers and headphones. BumperLicious is 100% compatible with all Dr Dre headphones.

Super-Thin iPhone 6s Cases

BumperLicious features a crystal clear hard back panel with a choice of 7 transparent candy bumper rim colours. The back panel is made out of ultra strong but ultra thin plastic, that will allow your iPhone's colour to shine through, and keep your gadget scratch-free.

Today, we have an exclusive offer of £5 off from BumperLicious cases for iPhone 6s and 6s plus models, please also note that these cases are 100% compatible with the previous iPhone 6 and 6s plus.

BumperLicious cases for iPhone 6s are one of the most popular cases ever sold in UK, which sold over 1,000 units within few weeks of iPhone's official release, and you are now able to take advantage of the £5 off deal for the next 3 days (offer valid until 21/11/2015 

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Gold iPhone 6s BumperLicious Case

 Thinnest iPhone 6s Cases



The Future of Your Phone!

What Will Smartphones be Like in 2045? [Infographic]

Just over 30 years ago, the first commercial mobile phone, the Motorola DynaTAC, went on sale at a cool $3 ,995 ($10,000 by today’s prices). It was the size of a brick, took 10 hours to charge and held only 30 numbers. But it was the start of a revolution in the way we live. Just three decades later, 66% of the world’s population has a mobile phone. They have infiltrated every area of our lives, from shopping and entertainment to relationships and identity.

So what’s next for the mobile? We look at the technological advances happening right now or just around the corner that will change the world once again.

We have prepared this detailed infographic which can help you skip through the hard work and shed some light on the subject;


Under the Skin: Implants and Tattoos

Are you a little too attached to your smartphone? Imagine having it embedded in your palm. It might sound like the stuff of science fiction, but implanted circuitry, powered by body movement and heat, is not too far off. Researchers have already embedded smartphone components under the skin of a cadaver to see if they still work, with positive results.

Tattoos made of electrical circuits that can read brainwaves are also on the horizon. A prototype is on the drawing board that could be available within five years.

The downside of implants could be futuristic viruses passed between individuals to attack personal data. There are also worries about surveillance; you can’t choose to leave your phone at home when it’s tattooed onto your skin!

Superhero mobile: Saving the World

Mobiles have the power to make the world a better place as they create networks of people and information. In remote areas of the Developing World, they are already connecting people who were previously off the grid, giving access to education and health care and sending data to scientists fighting killer diseases like malaria.

Mobiles are also playing a part in political crises and humanitarian disasters; text messages and voice calls enabled people to coordinate in the 2013 Egyptian revolution, while mobile data was used to track the number of deaths in the 2011 Syrian uprising.

Health: Tonight a Mobile Saved My Life

Health apps are already a massive market, but the mobile devices of the future will be monitoring our bodies themselves.

Wearable technology will have sensors to track blood pressure or spot the signs of an approaching heart attack. Devices will send alerts to our doctor before we even know we’re ill ourselves, and could be critical in life-threatening situations.

In the more distant future, experts predict implanted circuitry that can actually enhance our physical abilities, or suppress them, at the touch of a button.

Money Matters: A Financial Revolution

We’re already using our mobile phones to pay for things, but this is just the start of a financial revolution. Over the next few years, mobiles will take over from credit cards and cash. 50% of all monetary transactions will be made by mobile by 2020.

But the place this will really make a difference is in the Developing World. Half the world’s population is currently ‘unbanked’, meaning they have no access to a bank account. But a growing number of them do have a mobile phone and use it to access financial services, and this trend will continue.

Relationships: In Love with my Phone


A conscious mobile device may be the stuff of sci fi, but developments in voice recognition software, artificial intelligence and search technology will mean devices that sound and act increasingly like humans. Developing an emotional relationship with our device the next step as we choose its voice and personality. Such a link may even have a negative impact on real-world relationships for some.

We are All Hackers

Your smartphone probably runs your life but do you know what’s going on under the bonnet? Probably not, but the next generation are going to grow up in a world where modding and hacking our own mobile is increasingly common. Our mobiles will be unique to us as we adapt them to our needs.

This might seem a long way off, but modular mobiles that allow us to select the components we want are almost here. Google’s Project Ara modular mobile is slated for 2016 and on the horizon is the emergence of serious challengers to Apple and Google’s market domination from open source platforms anyone can modify.

Real World, Only Better

Augmented Reality (AR) is digital information overlaid on the real world. We already have apps that recognise landmarks, movie posters that play trailers on our phone or shop mannequins that send us offers. But this is just the start.

Soon, your phone will be able to give you information about anything you point it at. From identifying a vegetable you don’t recognise to scanning someone’s face to access social media profiles, AR will be everywhere.

Developers are already working on projected screens that hover in front of the eyes, and Autumn 2015 is the expected manufacture date for a holographic chip from Ostendo Technologies that’s capable of projecting a 3D image from a smartphone onto a flat surface. These features will make the information literally part of the view.

Fold-out fantasies

In the first couple of decades of mobile history, phones got smaller. But that all changed with the advent of the smartphone and internet connectivity. We now want our screens big and bold.

But we still want devices that fit into pockets or bags. The solution is the flexible screen, and it’s not far off. Imagine a wristwatch-sized phone with a screen that folds out to the size of a newspaper. You could be using the early models within a year when Samsung release a rumoured folding screen smartphone. Further down the line are screens that are so flexible they can be incorporated into clothing.

What’s next?

Whatever the future of the mobile device, one thing’s for certain; we’re going to be attached to our phone – perhaps literally - for the foreseeable.

The best Apps Exclusive to iOS

Smartphone applications have well and truly infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. From dating and banking to weather and restaurants, there really is an app for everything. The new iPhone 6S is now available, app aficionados will enjoy a whole new level of functionality when flicking, swiping, tapping, touching and scrolling through their apps. This is largely due to the fact that some of the best app developers create exclusively for iOS. So what apps should you have on your new iPhone 6S? Read on for our guide to some of our absolute favourites that are guaranteed to make your Android, Windows and BlackBerry friends green with envy!

Manual [Link]

The new iPhone 6S boasts a crystal clear 12 megapixel camera and for snap happy shutter bugs Manual is a must download app. For just US$1.99 you can gain full access to all of the iPhone’s camera settings including shutter, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. It essentially turns the palm sized camera into a high performance DSLR capable of capturing incredible photographs!

Robinhood [Link]

For business savvy iPhone owners that use their device as a moneymaking tool, Robinhood is a smart and stylish addition to the app inventory. it offers users access to real-time market data and quotes that makes staying on top of stock portfolios a pleasure. Oh and did we mention the fact that it’s backed by Marc Andreessen and Snoop Dogg?

Alto's Adventure [Link]

Forget Candy Crush and its infinite kitsch factor. Alto's Adventure has been pegged as 2015’s most beautiful adventure game and it’s not hard to see why. The physics-based snowboarding game takes players on a scenic adventure though a stunning art inspired world of mountains, llamas, pine trees, sunsets and more.

Timeful [Link]

The iPhone was designed to reimagine life as we know it and Timeful wholeheartedly embraces this concept. Powerful and functional, the scheduling app is essentially an electronic ‘to do’ list that actively synchs with calendars. It encourages users to set new ‘habit’ goals and adopt for efficient lifestyles. With time it also learns from personal scheduling and creates bespoke tasks, times, schedules and more. Talk about intelligent!

Paper [Link]

The iPhone has revolutionised the way we source information and Paper plays on this insurgency. Blending the design aesthetics of magazine style readers such as Flipboard with up-to-the-minute Facebook feeds, this app curates users articles from a myriad of sources. From National Geographic and Time Magazine to your very own social media network, the image oriented app is engaging, personalised and informative.

It’s a shame non-iOS users won’t get to enjoy these cutting edge apps, but we never said all’s fair in love and operating systems!

Make sure you can always connect to your favourite app by ordering one of our stylish iPhone 6s covers. Designed to protect the Apple's latest release, they offer extreme protection from bumps, scratches and knocks, so your phone and your favourite apps stay in great working order.

Most Handsome Rugged iPhone 6s / 6 Cases now in stock

rugged iphone 6s case

Apple's latest release, iPhone 6s series are surprisingly robust but only robust enough to survive minor drops and knocks. If you're looking for a durable case to withstand serious falls, dirt and shock absorbing technology, you're in luck! New Duo Armour Protective cases designed exclusively for iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 / 6s plus are here to match your active lifestyle.

They can withstand more bumps and bruises than your average iPhone case but look aesthetically pleasing enough to treat your iPhone with beauty care.

If you plan to take your phone outdoors or are worried about dropping it accidentally, you may want to give these super sleek iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 / 6s plus cases a look. You can buy these iPhone 6s rugged cases & iPhone 6s Plus rugged cases for £19.99 with Free UK delivery.

iphone 6s colourful rugges cases

iphone 6s plus rugged cases

iphone 6s rugged mint green case

iphone 6s duo armour rugged cases

iphone 6s plus duo armour rugged case


Curated List of Best iPhone 6 / 6s Accessories and Gadgets

We love Apple, and we also love iPhone-centric accessories and gadgets that match the quality of the iPhone, so join us while we dig deep in to accessories market and list accessories and gadgets which deserve to be around iPhone.

HiRise from Twelve South - Sleek Docking Station [Buy Here]

HiRise is a beautiful metal pedestal for charging and hands-free use of your iPhone or iPad. Set HiRise on your desk for hands-free calls and eye-level FaceTime sessions, or use this small stand at home to keep iPhone fully charged while streaming music to your favorite speaker.

Read More

Here comes the thinnest iPhone 6 / 6s & iPhone 6 / 6s Plus bumper case...

thinnest iphone 6s case

So, you've ordered your super sleek, elegant and ultra slim iPhone 6 / 6s or iPhone 6 / 6s plus and you're on the hunt for a ultra thin case to allow your new iPhone to shine away without hiding all of that beauty with a hideously bulked-up case, then look no further than our thinnest bumper case designed exclusively for iPhone 6 / 6s and 6 / 6s plus.

thinnest iphone 6 6s case cover

More Ultra Thin BumperLicious + Clear Hard Back case is designed appreciate your new iPhone with its super thin structure without compromising the protection and usability. Some of the traditional bumper cases can offer drop protection but scratches cannot be avoided, however, with our BumperLicious series we have embedded a hard back crystal clear panel to protect against scratches, dust and dirt while allowing your iPhone to shine through.

It’s lightweight, priced reasonably, and available in seven gorgeous colors. If you’re looking for the absolute thinnest iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 / 6s plus bumper cases, BumperLicious is undoubtedly the destination of choice. BumperLicious will only add 0.7mm bulk to your iPhone 6 / 6s series and it is super light, you will barely feel it on your iPhone.

BumperLicious case has all the right cutouts that makes it compatible with Beats by Dre headphones and other third party accessories. The built-in dust plug along with super responsive buttons makes it one of the best in its range.

If you're interested in some super-slim case but with fair protection, then take a look at the pictures below and visit the product listing to purchase one for £14.99 with free UK & Europe delivery.

thinnest iphone 6s case - compatible with Beats

thinnest iphone 6s case - crystal clear

thinnest iphone 6s case - blue

thinnest iphone 6s case close-up image

thinnest iphone 6s cases


We have successfully showcased our new and best range of iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus cases back in August and we were the first company in the world to release iPhone 6s range of cases while guaranteeing a perfect fit for an expected release of a new Apple phone. Making an informed guess prior to the release date for the Apple iPhone 6s, we already had a case load of pre-orders before specifications of the new iPhone were even released, earlier this week.

We made history being the first company to launch a iPhone 6s case and sales figures are testament to our expertise and our unique range of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus cases, do not compromise on protection, and is guaranteed to fit the new phones from release. We have already tested our cases with an iPhone 6s dummy that matches the exact dimensions revealed by Apple, please see our side by side iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s comparison post.

The Best looking Shock Proof Armor Case in the market for the iPhone 6s series - [Buy Now - iPhone 6s][Buy Now - iPhone 6s Plus]

Minimalistic, future proofed and the perfect fit for the recently unveiled 6s and 6s Plus, Duo Tough Extreme iPhone 6s cover lives up to its name with shatterproof protection for work hard, play hard performance whatever the stakes.

Available in seven stand out colours, the slim and sleek cases focus on aesthetics. Infusing unbeatable protection and premium quality, More’s cases give the lives of Apple fans a splash of colour, from a sophisticated gun metal to beautiful blue hues.

The World's thinnest Bumper Case + Crystal Clear Back for the iPhone 6s series - [Buy Now - iPhone 6s] - [Buy Now - iPhone 6s Plus

The Ultra Thin BumperLicious iPhone 6s case features a clear back so the aesthetics of the handset take centre stage. A high-grade soft thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) case hugs each contour while the flexible back ensures the device is protected against bumps, knocks and scratches.

We were inspired to create two truly innovative ranges with sleek aesthetics and our signature minimalism while also factoring in extreme protection and usability. Both lines of cases are in UK stock and available with free UK delivery.



Can I use an iPhone 6 Case with the iPhone 6s? Answered! [Tested using an iPhone 6S Dummy]

We were the first company in the world to release a range of iPhone 6s and 6s plus cases, and our designs were based on the iPhone 6s dummy which we acquired several months ago, and unsurprisingly the our dummy matches the exact dimensions Apple revealed on their website.

Apple officially introduced the new iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s plus on Sep 9, while both appear to be identical to their predecessors they differentiate themselves from iPhone 6 and 6 plus in terms of hardware and software features along with change in the dimensions. (*Please see image below for dimension comparison) 

iPhone 6s dimensions - will iPhone 6 case fit iPhone 6s

[*Screenshot - Apple.co.uk]

The new iPhone 6s and 6s plus are heavier, thicker and bigger than its predecessors as confirmed by Apple, so will your existing iPhone 6 case fit the new iPhone 6s?

As mentioned above, our range of iPhone 6s cases were designed inline with the dummy in hand which matches the exact dimensions revealed by Apple that eliminates the question of compatibility issue with our iPhone 6s range. 

We have already tested a large amount of iPhone 6 cases from major manufacturers with the dummy iPhone 6s and noticed that only a very small amount of cases are very hard to fit, and once fitted it is very hard to remove. Some cases we have tested just refused to get around the iPhone 6s dummy (ultra slim wrap cases), therefore you may need to wait until you receive your new iPhone 6s to test it for yourself if the case you currently have is one of the ultra slim wrap style cases, or alternatively only opt for cases which are confirmed to fit the new iPhone 6s by checking manufacturer sites.

Please see images below of side by side comparison of an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s & 6s plus dummy in Rose Gold:



Can I use an iPhone 6 Case with the iPhone 6s? Answered! [Tested using an iPhone 6S Dummy]

No, not all cases and covers designed for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will fit the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

If you’re thinking about ordering a new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and want to know whether your iPhone 6 case will fit the new 6s, here’s what you need to know.

There are small but noticeable differences between the sizes of the iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6s, there's a 0.2mm difference in thickness, 0.2mm in length along with 0.1mm in width. 

These differences could sound small but they should not be ignored because tight-fit and armour/waterproof type cases designed for the iPhone 6 will not be compatible with the iPhone 6S.

We have already tested a large amount of iPhone 6 cases from major manufacturers with the dummy iPhone 6S in hand (matches the exact specs Apple provided in yesterday's release) and found out that some cases are very hard to fit, and once fitted it is very hard to remove. Some cases we have tested just refused to get around the iPhone 6S dummy, therefore you may need to wait until you receive your new iPhone 6s to test it for yourself with your current case, or only go for cases which are confirmed to fit the new iPhone 6s by checking manufacturer sites.

We were the first company in the world to release a new range of iPhone 6s and 6s plus cases with a guaranteed fitment and once again, we have kept up with our promise and our cases are 100% compatible with the new thicker iPhone 6s. 

Please check our dedicated page for iPhone 6s cases & iPhone 6s plus cases to see our new range. All iPhone 6s & 6s plus cases are in stock, and we offer free UK delivery.

iPhones 6s / 6c / 7 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

Launch of a new iPhone is always surrounded by anticipation, excitement and speculation. It is the same this year too. As the time for the launch of iPhone 6s / 6c / 7 seems to be drawing nearer, tech enthusiasts are intrigued by the prospect of getting familiar with new and never-seen-before iPhone features. Amid this frenzy, numerous rumours and speculations have surfaced hinting at what the latest version of iPhone might have to offer.

All the information available is nothing more than speculation and nothing can be said with certainty. Only the unveiling of new iPhone, as expected to take place on 9th of September, will put the rumours and speculations to rest. 

In this infographic below we have gathered all available rumours and leaks from some of the most reputable sources:

iPhone 6s 6c 7 rumours leaks release date price features infographic