Apple's WWDC 2015 Keynote highlights: Apple Music, iOS 9, OS X El Capitan

Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a highlight of their yearly updates of software and technologies for the company's software partners and the world wide media.

We have been watching closely, here’s a rundown of the highlights you shouldn’t miss:

Apple Music

Apple unveils the much-anticipated music streaming service ( similar/contender to Spotify) along with 24-hour radio station.

Apple Music is a stream on-demand service that enables you to stream all media available on iTunes with curated playlists created by its editors and musicians. Apple music was introduced by music producer Jimmy Iovine who explained it as a social network app where you can purchase and stream music.

Apple Music will cost $9.99 ( Uk price has not been announced yet), along with a family plan of up to six family members that will cost $14.99 a month.

Apple Music is expected to come to Apple TV in the fall.

Apple Music vs Spotify / Gizmodo: "Where Apple could eventually swing it is with exclusives -- by coming pre-installed on devices, Apple Music will have a giant number of fans to tap into from day one, and artists will see the potential in that."

iOS 9

iOS 9 was announced for Apple's iPhones, iPods and iPads, with great new features and much-anticipated improvements. 

Proactive Assistant - a great new feature that makes Siri smarter than any Siri before, Proactive is set to analyse and learn your behaviours to better predict what you like doing with your iPhone. Proactive Assistant will come packed with clever new features, for example it will automatically update your calendar with events and invitations, based on traffic it can notify to leave to arrive at a meeting on time.

New Keyboard Design - Apple's new keyboard layout has been changed to switch between upper and lowercase keycaps, to reflect the position of the shift key. 

San Francisco typeface will now be used throughout iOS 9, which will make it much more easier to read than its ultra thin predecessor Helvetica.

New feature similar to discontinued Spotlight Search - New search screen, which seems to be a part of Siri can be accessed by swiping to the right from the first home screen similar to has it was accessed by all previous operating systems to iOS 7.

This new search enables users to make single text searches, for weather, sports scores nearby restaurants and be displayed as cards that Siri displays.

Improvements to Apple Maps - Apple Maps can now be used to access information for public transport, maps of transit routes, and get "walking directions" inside of bus & train stations. Transit feature will be in action starting from the biggest cities in the world, and gradually be released worldwide. Another great feature provided by Apple Maps would be detailed business information for popular nearby stores, such as phone numbers, and business hours.

Multitasking for iPad - The new app switcher interface which comes with slide over feature (allows temporary slide of one application overtop of another from the side) and split view (enables users to access two applications side by side - only available on iPad Air 2), and function at the same time.

Picture-in-picture feature enables display of a thumbnail of a video on top of the app you are using.

iOS 9 UK Release Date is not yet confirmed, however it is normally rolled out after a launch of new iPhone around September.

Apple Pay (UK) -  Apple pay will finally be making it to UK with some of the most known retailers on board. Transport for London (TFL) has confirmed that Londoners can start using Apple Pay starting from next month (July).

OS X El Capitan 

Named after a mountain within Yosemite national park, OS X 10.11 El Capitan is the latest update to its desktop software. 

Improved Window Management - Mac users will now be able to drag windows to the side to auto-arrange windows and side by side feature allows split screen that enables users to resize in the new window management system.

Apple’s Craig Federighi said: “It’s up to 1.4x faster and we’ve seen it twice as snappy switching between apps.”

Mission Control - Allows display of all your open windows in a clean format with a basic swipe or you can move them to a new desktop space.

Richer Notes - You can now add all types of media such as images, videos, or maps to your notes and also sync your notes to your Apple devices.

Bigger Cursor (call out your cursor) - Craig Federighi said: "Your first task of course whenever you wake up your Mac is finding your cursor," - Apple has made it much easier to locate your cursor when you first wake up your computer, by making it a giant arrow when you wake up your Mac, which has been reported in the past to be a slight hassle.


Sean Blyth
Sean Blyth


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