iPhone 6S is coming: release date rumours, new features roundup - Part 2 of 4

What we know about the iPhone 6S so far... (Part 2 of 4)

iphone 6s rumours, news, features, release dates part 2 of 4

Following on from our previous post, here’s a brand new set of rumours, predictions and confirmed features surrounding the iPhone 6S release.

The operating system

In early June it was revealed that the iPhone 6S would run on iOS 9, the latest version of Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch software. This was revealed at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and attracted global attention.

Siri gets smarter

When Siri first made its grand debut in 2011 iPhone 4S users were enamoured. The intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator represented a new era of functionality and intuitivism for iPhone users and has gone on to become one of the brand’s most iconic features. Now, Apple has elevated Siri to new heights and rolled out a series of updates to the natural language user interface. The feature will now be more proactive when it comes to recognising behaviour which will see users offered suggestions before they realise what their intentions are. 

What will it be called?

Judging by previous release trends, the new device will be called the iPhone 6S. If Apple plans to release a larger screen version (which is highly likely) we’ll also see the introduction of the iPhone 6S Plus.

The all new News app

Designed to offer users an experience similar to reading a hard copy magazine, News app is an image centric feature boasting big glossy visuals and an intrinsically interactive user experience.

Force Touch

It swept Apple Watch users away when the device made its grand debut in April, and now Force Touch is set to grace iPhone 6S screens. While it offered wearable tech users the opportunity to layer up buttons on a small display screen, its integration as an iOS feature will see it act as an intelligent shortcut tool. Internally the feature is referred to as ‘Orb’ (thanks to our Apple insiders for this info!) and has been designed to allow users to skip lengthy option selection or button press processes. For example, it can be used to fast-track direction routing in the Maps app, speed up music related requests, enhance the web browsing experience and bring up shortcuts on home screen icons.

DSLR style camera

According to high profile tech blogger John Gruber, the new iPhone 6S will feature the “biggest camera jump ever.” The advanced two-lens system will elevate performance to DSLR standard imagery and capture shots in a mesmerising 12 megapixels. The front camera will be capable of capturing 1080p video at 60fps and 240fps in slow motion mode, complete with flash support for a crystal clear finish. Don’t forget to invest in an iPhone 6S case with a camera peep hole to ensure you can make the most of the ultra-advanced new camera.

Near field communication

Barclays researchers speculate that the iPhone 6S will feature a brand new near-field communication (NFC) NXP 66VP2 chip that ups the ante from the 65V10 seen in the 6 and 6 Plus.

Still hungry for more iPhone 6S gossip? We’ve got one more instalment on the way, don’t miss it!

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