iPhone 6S is coming: release date rumours, new features roundup - Part 3 of 4

What we know about the iPhone 6S so far... (Part 3 of 4)

iphone 6s and 6s plus features, price, cases and news part 3

Ready for the third instalment of iPhone 6S rumours surrounding the wildly anticipated new device? Read on for some of the biggest and best predictions yet!

A mysterious STMicro chip

As well as the updated NFC chip the iPhone 6S will also sport a second STMicro chip, however its function has not yet been confirmed. So far, rumours speculate it will be used for data security. This will see users enjoy heightened protection on soft SIM, health or biometric data, as well as secure multimedia streaming and watertight enterprise authentication.

Sapphire glass

While sapphire glass was widely slated as a dazzling new feature on the iPhone 6 it never made an appearance due to manufacturing issues. In this model however we’re pretty certain that the robust scratch resistant material will make its grand debut.

A lighting fast new processor

Interestingly, sources are musing that the iPhone 6S could flaunt a new A9 processor developed by Samsung. Talk about a surprising collaboration! It will be smaller, smarter and less power hungry. Instead of operating on the current 20nm process the A9 will use 14nm.

RAM upgrade

When it comes to memory and performance the iPhone 6S offers users a new level of efficiency. It will see RAM jump from the current 1GB level to a huge 2GB.

Anti-shatter technology

iPhone cases are an integral part of protecting devices, however rumours are also flying around that the latest model will feature a revolutionary new screen safety feature to ensure that if devices are dropped they always land face up. How? A vibrating motor, air foils vents or ejecting batteries will spin the handset in-flight to avoid any shatters. Apparently Apple has already been granted a patent.

Farewell to the home button

Another big rumour is that Apple is shunning the home button to offer users a larger display and more streamlined experience. This will see Touch ID technology integrated into the entire display and give the device the ability to simultaneously detect multiple fingerprints.

OLED screen

While it’s unlikely the iPhone 6S will feature this technology, it’s not impossible. Apple is currently developing a new smartphone compatible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, as seen in the Apple Watch. It will replace the current LED-backlit Multi-Touch display.

Flexible devices

OK, so this prediction is a little far-fetched but it’s no secret that Apple has been channelling cash into the development of bendy devices. Will the iPhone 6S be malleable? Probably not but a few generations into the future and supple smartphones could be a reality.

Still thirsty for more news? We’ll quench your tech thirst with one last instalment, coming up soon!

what we know so far about iPhone 6s - part 4

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