iPhone 6S is coming: release date rumours, new features roundup - Part 4 of 4

What we know about the iPhone 6S so far... (Part 4 of 4)

iphone 6s news, features, specs, rumours part 4 of 4

September is drawing ever closer which means that the iPhone 6S release is just weeks away! We can barely contain our excitement so to unleash some of the tension we’ve put together one final list of iPhone 6S rumours that will have you salivating in anticipation.

The aesthetics

In early July 9to5Mac claimed to have sources leaked images that show what the latest iPhone 6S will look like. Put simply, it’s slim, streamlines and utterly sexy.

A kaleidoscope of stylish colours

This year’s latest iPhone will be available in a myriad of stylish yet subtle colours designed to slip seamlessly into contemporary lifestyles. Think gold, silver, space grey and a chic new rose gold hue.  Rumours are even circulating that as well as rose gold in anodised aluminium, this colour could also be available in genuine 18-carat rose gold as seen in the luxury Edition Apple Watch which comes with a price tag of £8,000.

Series 7000 aluminium alloy casing

Leaked pictures appear to show external and internal silver metal casing. Could this be the same next generation Series 7000 aluminium alloy used to craft the Apple Watch Sport? If so, the strengthened composite would offer iPhone6S users a whole lot of durability.

Sizing specs

The sizing specs of the iPhone 6 went down a treat with users which makes us think that the 6S version will stick to the same 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch dimensions. Leaked pictures of the casing also appear to indicate these measurements. That said, a Chinese supply line source has also claimed that the iPhone 6S will be o.2mm thicker than its forerunner. This is likely due to the all-new Force Touch technology that will feature in the screen. The protruding camera will also add a little extra width bulk however rest assured that the device itself will still be seductively slim.   

Weighing in

Despite the fact that the iPhone 6S shell is supposedly thicker than its predecessor, it will weigh in at two grams lighter.

Reinforced key areas

One of the biggest complaints about the iPhone 6 was the bending issues experienced by users, aptly named the ‘Bendgate’ scandal. The new version features reinforcement around key areas such as the home button and the volume buttons to prevent this from occurring. Of course, protecting devices with an iPhone 6S case is also a sure-fire way to keep smartphones looking at their best.

September is coming and we are beyond excited to find out the truth behind the electrifying reports surrounding the iPhone 6S. Whatever comes to light, we’re pretty certain that the device is going to knock our socks off!

Sean Blyth
Sean Blyth


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