Rugged to perfection: Duo Armour iPhone 6s / 6 Series Cases

Most Handsome Rugged iPhone 6s / 6 Cases now in stock

rugged iphone 6s case

Apple's latest release, iPhone 6s series are surprisingly robust but only robust enough to survive minor drops and knocks. If you're looking for a durable case to withstand serious falls, dirt and shock absorbing technology, you're in luck! New Duo Armour Protective cases designed exclusively for iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 / 6s plus are here to match your active lifestyle.

They can withstand more bumps and bruises than your average iPhone case but look aesthetically pleasing enough to treat your iPhone with beauty care.

If you plan to take your phone outdoors or are worried about dropping it accidentally, you may want to give these super sleek iPhone 6 / 6s and iPhone 6 / 6s plus cases a look. You can buy these iPhone 6s rugged cases & iPhone 6s Plus rugged cases for £19.99 with Free UK delivery.

iphone 6s colourful rugges cases

iphone 6s plus rugged cases

iphone 6s rugged mint green case

iphone 6s duo armour rugged cases

iphone 6s plus duo armour rugged case


Firat Yirik
Firat Yirik


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