iOS 9: Best Free & Paid Apps Exclusive to iOS available in Apple App Store

The best Apps Exclusive to iOS

Smartphone applications have well and truly infiltrated every aspect of our daily lives. From dating and banking to weather and restaurants, there really is an app for everything. The new iPhone 6S is now available, app aficionados will enjoy a whole new level of functionality when flicking, swiping, tapping, touching and scrolling through their apps. This is largely due to the fact that some of the best app developers create exclusively for iOS. So what apps should you have on your new iPhone 6S? Read on for our guide to some of our absolute favourites that are guaranteed to make your Android, Windows and BlackBerry friends green with envy!

Manual [Link]

The new iPhone 6S boasts a crystal clear 12 megapixel camera and for snap happy shutter bugs Manual is a must download app. For just US$1.99 you can gain full access to all of the iPhone’s camera settings including shutter, ISO, white balance, focus, and exposure compensation. It essentially turns the palm sized camera into a high performance DSLR capable of capturing incredible photographs!

Robinhood [Link]

For business savvy iPhone owners that use their device as a moneymaking tool, Robinhood is a smart and stylish addition to the app inventory. it offers users access to real-time market data and quotes that makes staying on top of stock portfolios a pleasure. Oh and did we mention the fact that it’s backed by Marc Andreessen and Snoop Dogg?

Alto's Adventure [Link]

Forget Candy Crush and its infinite kitsch factor. Alto's Adventure has been pegged as 2015’s most beautiful adventure game and it’s not hard to see why. The physics-based snowboarding game takes players on a scenic adventure though a stunning art inspired world of mountains, llamas, pine trees, sunsets and more.

Timeful [Link]

The iPhone was designed to reimagine life as we know it and Timeful wholeheartedly embraces this concept. Powerful and functional, the scheduling app is essentially an electronic ‘to do’ list that actively synchs with calendars. It encourages users to set new ‘habit’ goals and adopt for efficient lifestyles. With time it also learns from personal scheduling and creates bespoke tasks, times, schedules and more. Talk about intelligent!

Paper [Link]

The iPhone has revolutionised the way we source information and Paper plays on this insurgency. Blending the design aesthetics of magazine style readers such as Flipboard with up-to-the-minute Facebook feeds, this app curates users articles from a myriad of sources. From National Geographic and Time Magazine to your very own social media network, the image oriented app is engaging, personalised and informative.

It’s a shame non-iOS users won’t get to enjoy these cutting edge apps, but we never said all’s fair in love and operating systems!

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Firat Yirik
Firat Yirik


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