iPhones 6s / 6c / 7 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

Launch of a new iPhone is always surrounded by anticipation, excitement and speculation. It is the same this year too. As the time for the launch of iPhone 6s / 6c / 7 seems to be drawing nearer, tech enthusiasts are intrigued by the prospect of getting familiar with new and never-seen-before iPhone features. Amid this frenzy, numerous rumours and speculations have surfaced hinting at what the latest version of iPhone might have to offer.

All the information available is nothing more than speculation and nothing can be said with certainty. Only the unveiling of new iPhone, as expected to take place on 9th of September, will put the rumours and speculations to rest. 

In this infographic below we have gathered all available rumours and leaks from some of the most reputable sources:

iPhone 6s 6c 7 rumours leaks release date price features infographic