[Dual KickStand Series] Ultra Thin ShockProof Bumper [Metallized Buttons] Case for iPhone X [11 Colours]

Colour Name:Clear / Black

[Dual KickStand Series] Cases for iPhone X 

Kickstand:An iPhone Case with a twist, hidden stand feature that is very useful in this day and age where all iPhone users spend hours scrolling the web, watch videos and complete all types of other tasks.

Dual Layers:Ultra protective with ultra thin profile: Shock Absorbing Clear Silicone + Tough Hard Bumper Edges

Ultimate Combination:The incredible blend of ultra light and ultra slim dual layers avoids unnecessary bulk while giving your iPhone all the protection it needs.

Anti Slip:The matte black textured skin is designed to provide ultimate grip to avoid slips, and extra layer of grip is added with matte coating applied on the bumper edges.

Protective Features:Precisely designed to provide all the protective features you would need from a case, such as front lip for screen protection, accessible cutouts, shock absorbing inner patterned layer and dual layer protection.

Metallized buttons:Volume buttons and the power button is covered in a metallic paint to match overall sleek design of the case and ultra responsive to touch.

Ultra Slim Profile:Protection doesn’t have to be ugly and bulky, designed with smart and durable materials while keeping the unnecessary bulk to minimum level.

Wireless Charging Enabled:The New iPhone X can be charged by using a wireless charging pad, and our cases have been tested to work with the charging pad without having to remove the case.

FREE SCREEN PROTECTOR: An extra layer of protection, each case is provided with a plastic front screen protector.

[ Note: This iPhone Case is only compatible with iPhone X [5.8”] Model ]

  • [[WIRELESS Charging Compatible]]: Tested to work with wireless charging pad without removing the case - Ultra Smart Hidden Kick Stand view feature with double layers of protection for your iPhone X against scratches, damage, dust and drops. Flexible Clear TPU silicone shell with hard outer bumper edges for double drop protection with anti-slip texture and metallic coating.

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