Glass Back 3 Piece Series II Cases for All iPhone Models


Limited edition Black Case with Red Top and Bottom - Silver White models now available.

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6D Real Tempered Glass Back that provides and elegant touch. Protective hard bumper with chrome [electroplated plastic] sides to match iPhone X [now available for iPhone 7/7Plus and iPhone 8/8Plus], designed specifically for the iPhone to match to look and beauty of the iPhone itself. One of the best looking iPhone X, iphone 7 and iPhone 8 cases, its unique looks and protective features match and enhance the look of your iPhone. Available in multiple colours, that matches the colours of the iPhone. You will need to see these cases to appreciate their quality and looks.

  • Front lip protection
  • Camera lens protection
  • Smudge-free material
  • Perfect cut-outs
  • ShockProof
  • REAL Glass Back

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